The staff of The Family Birthplace are delighted to announce the birth of a daughter to Patricia and Ronald

Aryan Justice

9 pounds and 3 ounces
21 inches
11:10 am

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Delivered by:
Christine Seals, M.D.
Baby's Doctor:
Christine Seals, M.D.

Aryan is a good name...
Original Meaning:

Market Basket:
  • Loaf of Bread: $1.79
  • Gallon of Milk: $2.89
  • Gallon of Gasoline: $1.81
  • Average New Home: $152,000.00
  • New Car: $21,750.00
Populations :

  • Roseburg: 20,995
  • U.S. Population: 301,420,886
Today's Weather:

  • high: 60
  • low: 31

  • sunrise: 6:59 am
  • sunset: 5:52 pm
Today's Dow Jones:

  • Dow Jones: 10785.22
Other Interesting People
Born on this Date:

  • 1732 - George Washington - General of the Continental Army, first U.S. President and Father of our country.
  • 1810 - Frederic Chopin - Polish-French musician who is considered to be among the greatest composers of all time.
  • 1857 - Lord Robert Baden-Powell - British military general on whose ideas and ideals the Boy Scouts were founded.
  • 1950 - Julius Erving - Pro basketball star who brought the game to a new level with his leaping ability, incredible hang-time and magnificent dunk shots.
Other Notable Events
on this Day in History

  • 1879 - Frank W. Woolworth opened the first 5 and 10-cent variety store in Utica, New York. It would grow in to a company that operated hundreds of "five and dime" stores around the world.
  • 1889 - North and South Dakota became the 39th and 40th states admitted to the Union.
  • 1900 - The Republic of Hawaii became a Territory of the United States.
  • 1956 - Elvis Presley's first hit record, "Heartbreak Hotel", hit the music charts for the first time.
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